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March 17 2020
Year Zero Day One: Time stops. Things change forever.
the other day
June 6 2008
The photograph records the waste basket with discarded (deaccessioned) torn up prints. Clearing out and focussing. Garbage. There’s my eye looking back at me. I am torn up. I am returned to Chaos. And the Mother rewards with the possibility of a new image.
the other day
July 29 2020
The photograph at the bottom in a glass vase is of the Trip to Chicago for a 1966 YCL/DuBois Club conference(?). Center stage the advance of technology sort of: a Nikon digital SLR with an older manual focus lens. And me: older, white haired, and still shooting. and still manual focus myself.
the other day
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The mouth of chaos. Creativity is chaos given order. And that bumper sticker slogan type of observation conclusion means that chaos gives birth to many good things and can eat you up as well. Chaos grants us the gift of possibility. It is pregnant with the future. Lovely and enchanting female that she is. Chaos is the Mother.

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